Here you can find frequently asked questions.

Full anonymity. How that implemented and guaranteed?
  • 1) AVBox doesn't send any info to third parties;
  • 2) File scanning occurs in virtual machine with disabled internet, therefore any information about scanning object can't be sended to the antivirus laboratory;
  • 3) After completion of scanning all uploaded files are automatically deleted from server;
  • 4) Site AVBox use secure https-protocol and doesn't have any web-metric.
What kind of objects can be scanned?
AVBox allow scan file of any type: exe, dll, elf, doc, xls, jar, apk, scr etc. Files can be uploaded in archive: AVBox automatically extract all files and scan it. Also AVBox allow scan any URL, domain or ip-address.
What name of the file will be on scan?
Files scanned with the same name as they were uploaded to the server. This is very important, because some antiviruses use file name as a part of virus signature.
What is cloud scanning?
Cloud scanning is scanning with the enabled internet. In this mode antivirus can communicate with its servers, which allows you to get more up-to-date results. This results may differ from results of scanning with disabled internet. ATTENTION! Sending samples parameter has been disabled in all antivirus programs, but this does not guarantee that the scanned object will not be sent to antivirus servers. Cloud scanning costs like 3 offline scans. This means that scanning 1 file for 1 antivirus in cloud mode will cost 3 scans.
Which limits exists in system?
Currently free scan mode have these limitations:
  • 1) Maximum file size: 100 Mb;
  • 2) Maximum files count in single scan: 10
  • 3) Maximum scan count per day: 200 (One scan is a check 1 object on 1 antivirus)
  • 4) Supported archive types: zip, rar, 7z.
Can I increase the limits?
Yes, of course. To do this, write to support in telegram (@avbox_info) or in jabber ([email protected]).
Why AVBox is a free service?
Currently AVBox is under public testing. Soon, the free mode will be significantly limited, new scan functions and paid tariffs will be appear.
How often antivirus databases is updated?
Antivirus databases updated immediately after a new version of databases is released. Check new versions interval - 30 minutes. AVBox also supports streaming updates for some antiviruses.
I need to scan objects with an antivirus that is not supported by AVBox.
What can I do?
We can implement support for the required antivirus. To do this, write to support in telegram (@avbox_info) or in jabber ([email protected]).
I want to automate the scanning objects. Does AVBox have an API?
Yes, of course. To do this, write to support in telegram (@avbox_info) or in jabber ([email protected]).