Here you can find frequently asked questions.

Are file scan results sent to antivirus companies?
We do not send any information because We consider this a violation of the rights of our customers. Sending such information can only be done in court.
Are there any restrictions?

Yes there is.
The maximum file size is 20 MB.
The number of Avbox *checks per day - 200
Supported archiving files: rar, zip, 7z
*Check (scanning) means scanning one *object on one antivirus. That is, 1 object on 10 different antiviruses is 10 checks.
*Checked object: file, URL, domain, ip-address

Can I increase the limits?
Yes you can. To do this, you need to contact us in telegram (@ avbox.info) or in jabber ([email protected]).
How many time it take for scan?
For the moment for all anti-virus (27) it will take 14-20 secondes.
Are antivirus are updated?
Yes, All anti-virus are updated every 4 hours.
I got 'Max authorized IP (2)'?
You have reached the Max authorized IP for your key, you have to wait for the next reset (every 12 hours).
Do we distribute the files?
No, all uploaded files are encrypted using AES-256 encryption standard and deleted with 4 passes after the scan.
I got 'Something bad happened'?
This problem is caused in our side, please contact us.
Do you also accept feature suggestions?
At the moment, no I don't. But this might change with the time.
Can we expect updates?
Yes. This is currently my active project, so constant updates can be expected.
What kind of files I can scan?
Actually my website support .exe & all other type of file such as .doc, .bat, .pdf...